LPKF CuttingMaster 3246

Maximum Fast & Clean Cutting!

LPKF CuttingMaster 3246

The latest laser system with Tensor Technology!

With the CuttingMaster 3246, LPKF sets new standards in terms of price-performance due to the highest accuracy and a large working area paired with Tensor and CleanCut Technology. An increase of up to 25 % on all quality levels is waiting for you!

This is the CuttingMaster 3246

With the next generation of CuttingMaster 3000, LPKF is further expanding its advantage over classic processes in depaneling. With improved and more powerful laser sources, the integration of Tensor Technology, and new system components, the cost-effectiveness and quality of the LPKF CuttingMaster3000 series continue to increase. The CuttingMaster 3246 is equipped with a green nanosecond laser source developed in-house, which ensures minimal operating costs and an optimal price/performance ratio. 

Like all LPKF depaneling systems, the CuttingMaster 3246 is available in both manually operated (P) and automated (Ci) versions. The 3000 series is designed for use in 24/7 series production and can produce largely autonomously with semi to fully automated handling solutions. Ci systems can be integrated into production lines or fully automated island solutions. Here, they can be supplemented with external or automation solutions from LPKF, making the degree of automation scalable according to customer requirements (even subsequently).

The CuttingMaster 3246 uses LPKF's own laser source and software, which means that two key factors of the systems are perfectly matched. The resulting synergy effects and added value in terms of process know-how and control can be passed on to our customers through improved performance of the systems and the associated competitive edge.

"Tensor Technology inside": Revolution in laser processing

Highly attractive price-performance ratio

With a larger working area than the 2000 series and higher positioning accuracy, the CuttingMaster 3246 ensures an even further optimized quality level. With the help of the Tensor, also with powerful laser sources, optimal cutting results can be achieved in the shortest possible time.

The use of the Tensor - an ultra-fast beam guidance system - leads to an increased quality of the cutting edges. The pulses are distributed around the laser spot in a targeted manner without widening necessary cutting channels, thus eliminating the cooling times previously required! The Tensor technology makes optimum use of the laser's power, resulting in a further increase in efficiency. The added value of the Tensor grows with increasing material thickness and especially with technically clean cuts (CleanCut). In this case the Tensor can even reduce cycle times by up to 70%!

Laser systems for depaneling are now more than equal to traditional depaneling processes in terms of cost-effectiveness. In addition, they bring with them a number of other process-related advantages, such as inimitable technical cleanliness, maximum precision and stress-free processing. This should make customers who still mill their panels for economic reasons sit up and take notice!


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