LPKF LoadingMaster

The perfect automation
for depaneling

LPKF LoadingMaster

The LoadingMaster is a customized automation solution for any depaneling application, it offers the highest performance and cost-effectiveness. With this solution, the full potential of the market-leading CuttingMaster systems is unleashed.

The perfect automation for depaneling

The LPKF LoadingMaster is an automation system designed and manufactured by LPKF itself, based on many years of experience in the field of laser depaneling systems. It is characterized by its compact design as well as its comprehensive range of functions. The handling system combines the loading and unloading of workpiece carriers, sorting into blisters or boxes and the disposal of leftover webs in one housing.

High-performance axis systems and a sophisticated lift system reduce the handling times of blanks and individual printed circuit boards to a minimum and, for the most part, take place parallel to the cutting process of another blank. Customer-specific adaptation options ensure that the LoadingMaster platform can be individually adapted to the specific requirements of the customer and his applications.

Synergies from hardware and software

Both hardware and software of the system are designed for easy and fast operability. The magazines can be pulled out like drawers and conveniently loaded and unloaded. A graphical user interface allows recipes to be created, adjusted and tested by a digital twin of the system (also offline). Potential errors, such as collisions, are thus preemptively avoided.

Of course, the system is compatible with both the CuttingMaster 2000 and 3000 series and can also be retrofitted. Communication with upstream and downstream modules can take place via SMEMA interfaces.

In combination with the LoadingMaster, potential non-productive times of the CuttingMaster systems, e.g. for loading and unloading, can be reduced to a minimum. In this way, further synergies are created and the full potential of the systems is unleashed.

 Benefits of LPKF LoadingMaster

The LoadingMaster stands out compared to other, often highly standardized automation solutions on the market and offers unique advantages for your depaneling process:
High cost efficiency

Due to its compact design and a multitude of integrated functionalities, the LoadingMaster offers a very high cost efficiency and amortizes its use after a short period of operation.

Optimal performance

High-performance axis systems and an extremely fast lift system reduce the handling times of the LoadingMaster to an absolute minimum. In this way, automation has no problems keeping up with the high-performance CuttingMaster systems.

Great flexibility

With customized adaptation options in terms of grippers, workpiece carriers and magazines, the LoadingMaster platform can be flexibly and specifically modified to meet individual customer requirements. An optimal solution can thus be found for every application or mix of applications.

Easy to use

Both hardware and software are designed to operate the automation system as easily and flexibly as possible. Crates and blisters can be conveniently loaded and unloaded. Recipes for new or existing applications can be created, edited and simulated using a digital twin, optionally offline or online.

Depaneling systems for your automation solution

Laser-Nutzentrennsystem LPKF CuttingMaster 2000

Compact and extremely economical: flexibility, space savings, design freedom - depaneling by laser opens up numerous potentials.

Laser-Nutzentrennsystem LPKF CuttingMaster 3000

The most precise and fastest laser depaneling systems with a large working area of up to 460 mm x 305 mm for production-integrated machines.


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