Laser PCB depaneling by LPKF

LPKF Laser Depaneling

The New Benchmark
for Laser Depaneling

LPKF Laser Depaneling

Perfect Cleanliness and Performance
A Giant Leap in Laser Depaneling

LPKF Laser Depaneling

Improve Performance
at Lower Cost

PCB Depaneling Redefined

Avoid separation loss and streamline your processes!

Circuit reliability is significantly improved, material use and cleaning efforts are reduced or even eliminated during laser cutting; this enables significant cost savings in depaneling. A new family of depaneling systems offers an unprecedented combination of performance, reliability and economy.
PCB depaneling technology from LPKF
About laser depaneling

The laser process - especially by LPKF machines - offers considerable advantages over conventional mechanical cutting methods.

PCB depaneling benefits
Benefits of laser depaneling

Quality and performance are not reproducible by other methods.

Laser PCB depaneling enables clean cuts
Technical cleanliness

100% clean depaneling -- LPKF's CleanCut technology