We operate our depaneling systems with powerful in-house developed software solutions, which are designed and developed by a single source. In this way, we can generate synergy effects that are denied to other competitors.

The CuttingMaster systems from LPKF are operated with the powerful and in-house developed software CircuitPro. It is used both for data preparation, e.g. in the office, and on the machine itself. The software processes the required data precisely and accompanies the user step-by-step through all phases of the production process. Thereby the software is easy-to-use, perfectly matched to the hardware and compatible with all standard programs used in the PCB industry, as all common file types are supported as import and export formats.

A full version of CircuitPro is supplied to the customer free of charge with each ordered system. This version can be supplemented by other optional software solutions as required by the customer. In this way, the functional scope of CircuitPro is expanded in a targeted manner.

 Optional Software Packages

The software solutions by LPKF are scalable and can be individually adapted to the requirements of the customer. To ensure this, we offer various optional modules:
Barcode Reading

The package includes the interface of common barcode readers to the depaneling system. By scanning the different codes on the PCB panels, the respective cutting and panel information can be retrieved, enabling automatic production of high-mix applications.

Barcode & Serial Number Marking

Part of this CircuitPro extension is the possibility to structure barcodes and serial numbers on the respective circuit board panel. A wide range of different one and two-dimensional codes as well as serial number types are supported.

Traceability & Supervisor Statistics

This optional feature provides the user the capability to log various machine parameters and production information. When combined with the MES-Interface package, this data can also be passed on to the higher-level system.

Bad Board Recognition & Treatment

By using this solution, bad parts of the SMT line can be identified and treated accordingly by the depaneling system. Thereby, the customer has different options for detection and treatment at his disposal.

Interface to MES-System

With this option, LPKF's depaneling systems can be integrated into the customer's Manufacturing Execution System (MES) using an individually tailored interface. This not only ensures fully automated separation of the PCBs, but also a continous data stream of production and system information.


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