Laser depaneling system LPKF CuttingMaster 2240

LPKF CuttingMaster 2240

Maximum Fast & Clean Cutting!

LPKF CuttingMaster 2240

First and currently the only laser system with tensor technology!

With the new CuttingMaster 2240 system variant with tensor technology, LPKF sets new standards in terms of price-performance ratio and establishes a new benchmark for the industry. Benefit yourself from increases of up to 25% on all quality levels!

This is the CuttingMaster 2240

The CuttingMaster 2240 expands LPKF's depaneling portfolio with a new system variant featuring the newly developed and disruptive Tensor Technology. The CuttingMaster 2240 is the first and so far only depaneling system with Tensor Technology. The variant is based on the proven 2000 platform, which is characterized in particular by its great reliability, high precision and small footprint.

Like all other LPKF depaneling systems, the new variant is available in both manually operated (P) and automated (Ci) versions. The automated systems can be easily integrated into production lines or fully automated stand-alone solutions and can be supplemented with either external or automation solutions from LPKF. The degree of automation is therefore scalable according to customer requirements (even at a later time).

By using our own laser sources and software, we have two key factors of the systems in our own hands. We can pass on the resulting synergy effects and added value in process know-how and control to our customers through a corresponding increase in performance and an associated competitive lead.

Tensor Technology inside: The unique CuttingMaster 2240

Very attractive price-performance ratio

With this system, we have launched the new flagship for our strategy to offer customers the best price-performance ratio on the market. With the use of the CuttingMaster 2240, performance increases, i.e. gains in effective cutting speed, of up to 25% can be achieved on all quality levels - varying depending on the specific application. 

The use of the Tensor increases the quality of the printed circuit boards, since previously required cooling times are no longer necesary. This is the case beacuse the Tensor - an ultra-fast beam guidance system - distributes the pulses specifially around the spot without widening any necessary cutting channels! In addition, the available power is optimally utilized, which leads to an significant increase in efficiency. The added value of the Tensor enhances with increasing material thickness and especially with technically clean cuts. With CleanCut, the cycle times can even be reduced by up to 70% due to the Tensor!

Especially customers who are still routing their panels for economic reasons should take notice. Because the laser is now more than a match in terms of cost-effectiveness and also brings a number of other technological advantages, such as inimitable technical cleanliness as well as maximum precision and stress-free processing.


LPKF CuttingMaster 2000 Series (pdf - 175 KB)

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